SDF visited Goth Seengar Foundation (GSF) Sukkur

Sindh Disability Forum (SDF) visited Goth Seengar Foundation office Sukkur

By: Nabi Bux Shar

Newly elected body of SDF was invited to visit Goth Seengar Foundation (GSF) office Sukkur, Mr. Abid Mallah Finance Manager warm welcomed all SDF members. The office management introduced the programs of GSF. It was informed that the GSF is grass root organization that was emerged from village to develop capacities of villagers to be able to get basic facilities like clean drinking water, poverty alleviation, health & educational opportunities at village level. The GSF struggled hard to achieve its status & now it has 07 office in different districts of Sindh. GSF is playing vital role for the betterment of community with the partnership of different national & international donors. Mr. Abid Lashari senior member SDF shared their progress & purpose of the formation of umbrella network of DPOs of Sindh. It was informed that SDF was formed in 2005 in Karachi to develop capacities of DPOs of Sindh, to make them able to play their vital role in development sector. SDF has represented DPOs as part of development sector not begging bowl. Earlier it was amused that DPOs are begging bowl, member of SDF are actively giving services in mainstream subjects like education, wash, health & others to support community with Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) approach irrespective of disability. SDF offered membership of CBID network of Sindh to GSF that this NGO should also join hands to support vulnerable community with CBID approach. SGF management welcomed the offer of CBID membership & vowed to provide equal opportunities for people with disabilities in their projects beneficiaries. It was also offered to SDF to use GSF meeting hall for meeting/seminar purpose, whenever SDF required. SDF president Mr. Nabi Shar with all members paid thanks of the hospitality of GSF & offer of meeting hall, which will support SDF to hold meetings in future. He hoped for future joint collaboration with GSF to work on disability especially in north Sindh. Shahnawaz Kandhro, Mr. Muhammad Ali Phulpoto, Mumtaz Ali Mangi, Anna Iqbal Bhatti, Hafiz Naseer Ahmed Khuwar, Shoaban Ali Munjhoo & others were also present on the occasion.



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