NDF observed No Tobacco Day 2012 in Nawabshah


Title of Seminar: Smoking & Disability
Date: 31-05-2012
Venue: NDF office, Nawabshah
Report by: Abid Lashari
 One Day Seminar “SMOKING & DISABILITY” was organized by Nawabshah Disability Forum (NDF) with collaboration of Coalition Tobacco Control (CTC) Pakistan, Islamabad. Mr. Ghullam Nabi Nizamani Chairperson CBR AP Network was chief guest on the occasion. Mr. Murad Ali Jamali District Officer Social Welfare Shaheed Benazir Abad presided over the ceremony. Mr. Abid Lashari President Nawabshah Disability Forum (NDF) welcomed all the participants and elaborated the importance of the day. It was told that the 31st May is international day of No Tobacco; the theme for this year is “Tobacco Industry Interference”. The CTC Pakistan is striving to create awareness about no tobacco & NDF is partnering in Shaheed Benazir Abad to control bad habit of smoking. Mr. Lashari termed the smoking injurious to health; many diseases are cause of smoking. He further told that Pakistan Government has promulgated many laws to control tobacco but lame implementation was witnessed to control the smoking. He said smoking at public places is high risk for the health of other people (non smokers). Government has prohibited smoking on public places but violation is continued. Safety precautions should be introduced, the implementation of law with full spirit is dire need of hour. He said NDF is disabled people organization, which wants to enhance collaboration with mainstream NGOs, INGOs on grave concerns like smoking, Aids, disaster, child/women rights and other projects of development to ensure and promote social inclusion of people with disabilities. People with disabilities are capable to play their vital role in every walk of life, he added. Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani said that smoking is not only cause of diseases but it leads to disability as well. Smoking leads to stress, stroke on brain which leads to paralyze of parts of body. Mr. Nizamani suggested that CTC Pakistan should include people with disabilities in their programs, that accessible means of information on Tobacco through leaflets, brochures accessible for blind people as well & videos   for deaf community. Mr. Murad Ali Jamali DO Social Welfare said that NDF is doing lot to prevent social evils which is plus point that disabled people organization is contributing in the society. It is proved today that disability is not inability, if these people offered equal opportunities definitely they will do lot some different in society. Smoking is bad habit which may be controlled by the efforts and awareness campaigns by civil society, government and all stakeholders. Ms. Anna Iqbal Bhatti, Ms. Asma Muneer Arain, Irfan Keerio, Nabi Bux Shar and others also spoke on the occasion. The brochures, booklets and other printing material about information about the No Tobacco Day were distributed among the participants. 


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