Oath taking ceremony of newly elected body of SDF held in Sukkur-Sindh Pakistn

Oath-Taking ceremony of new body of Sindh Disability Forum (SDF) held in Sukkur

BY: Anna Iqbal Bhatti

The oath taking ceremony of newly elected office bearers of Sindh Disability Forum (SDF)held in Sukkur Press club on 10th July 2012. The ceremony was organized by Goth Seengar Foundation (GSF) & Nawabshah Disability Forum, it was witnessed by journalists, social & political activists, citizens in large gathering. Senior member of Press club Mr. Jalal administered oath from newly elected body of SDF, during the ceremony Mr. Nabi Bux Shar as President, Mr. Ghullam Muhammad Sarki as Vice President, Mr. Shahnawaz Kandharo as General Secretary, Mr. Munir Das Oad as Joint Secretary, Mr. Hafiz Naseer Ahmed Khuawar as Treasurer, Mr. Mumtaz Ali Mangi as Information Secretary, Ms. Nna Iqbal Bhatti took oath as office secretary of Sindh Disability Forum (SDF). During Press Conference, Mr. Abid Lashari President Nawabshah Disability Forum (NDF) congratulated newly elected office bearers of SDF as a result of election held on 05th July in Nawabshah. He mentioned that SDF is only network of Disabled People Organizations (DPOs) of Sindh, which work as channel between Government & DPOs. This network has promoted name of Sindh from national level to international level, for representing Sindh in national & international forums. SDF has 27 member organizations, which are based in all districts of Sindh. SDF builds up capacity of member organizations.

Mr. Lashari informed that SDF is also chapter of national network DPI Pakistan, which is well recognized in the world. SDF demands equal rights, barrier free society for all, equal opportunities without discrimination of any form of disability. He said that Sindh Government is not serious to pay heed on issues of disabilities. He condemned the policy paper 2012-2022 of Ministry of special Education Sindh, which was developed without consent of persons with disabilities. If we are not invited during policy making or decision making that will not be fruitful process to assess the needs & solutions of people with disabilities. We say that nothing about us, without us, people with disabilities should be placed in decision making process.

Mr. Nabi Bux Shar President Sindh Disability Forum (SDF) paid thanks of NDF & SGF for support to organize such ceremony. He said that civil society should join our network to tackle the issues of disabilities. SDF is very strong platform & single voice of people with disabilities of Sindh. which is being echoed today from Sukkur & tomorrow from any corner of Sindh. He said the first target of newly elected body of SDF would be to ensure 2% job quota from private to government sectors, second is to create awareness about equal rights & dignity of people with disabilities. Our people with disabilities are pride for the nation, society must accept disability. He said Government of Sindh is not implementing 2% job quota with letter & spirit, SDF will try to meet Chief Minister to convince him about the implementation of quota.

Mr. Shahnawaz Kandhro General Secretary SDF informed that SDF will do its possible efforts to provide dignified access to people with disabilities from public offices to national to international forums. He further informed that private sector is not providing jobs against 2% quota in al factories of Sindh. This sector is big employer of Sindh, but it has also discriminatory attitudes & policies. Mr. Kandhro appealed to Supreme Court to define the 1981 ordinance, for the implementation of 2% job quota for people with disabilities. He said poverty is root cause of disability & disability is cause of poverty. People with disabilities should be encouraged to develop their economy.

Mr. Hafiz Naseer Khuawr treasurer of SDF said that financial institutes Zakat council & Bait-ul-Mal are also not paying heed over persons with disabilities to provide them financial support, to sustain their living in sustainable way. He said both institutions are bound t provide financial support to people with disabilities to alleviate poverty among people with disabilities. SDF will meet with authorities of Zakat council & Bait-ul-Mal to keep continue possible support for people with disabilities.

Ms. Anna Iqbal Bhatti said that women with disabilities are facing double discrimination in the society. Women should be offered special attention from 15% quota of women as well. Women with disabilities are confined in their own homes, they have no right to education, marriage, expression and many others. She asked the community to pay proper attention on future mothers of society. Women with disabilities have also same rights to enjoy as other women have, they must be encouraged to participate in social events.

In the end it was vowed to keep continue the possible efforts to bring about change in the living standards of people with disabilities under banner of SDF-Sindh.


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